CT Ice & Snow Damage Restoration

If ice dams stay attached to your home for too long, they can create some serious damage. The ice can work its way back up the roof edge, get under shingles, melt and leak into the exterior wall, home or attic. You may not immediately notice any damage from ice dams; however, as the ice melts and possibly drips into your wall or attic, insulation can become wet and lose its ability to retain heat. Sometimes, if there is the right temperature and level of humidity, mold can begin to grow in the attic. You will be able to tell when this happens, because paint will peel or blister weeks or months after the ice dam has melted as moisture from the leak in the wall or ceiling cavities tries to find a way out.

If you experience ice damming and water infiltration during the winter months, here are a few tips to assist you:

  • Most homeowner insurance policies offer to cover the cost of repairs for damage caused by severe weather. We can help you work with a public adjuster for details on how to file a claim.
  • Ice and water shields can work wonders with your roof. They are installed under the shingles and can greatly reduce the chance of water getting into your home.
  • Ice melt heater cables run along the edge of your roof and are useful for preventing ice dams.

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