Seamless Gutters From Valor Gutter Guard

We work exclusively with Valor Gutter Guard. Their top-of-the-line products include a typical Gutterguard with advanced micro-mesh technology which can handle high water-flow conditions. To prevent ice dams, we recommend the Melt-Away Gutter Guard, which is a heated system that melts icicles and ice dams when used with a standard heating cable.

Your Gutters Won’t Buckle Under Excessive Weight: If frozen water (in any form) accumulates inside your gutters, the excess weight can cause buckling, separation, or detachment of your gutter sections. But if the snow, hail, or ice cannot get into your gutters in the first place, then your gutters don’t have to handle any unusual stress.

Decreased Chance of Foundation Damage: If your gutters are clogged with debris, rainwater and melted snow or ice has nowhere to go and often spills over the gutter's edge onto the ground near your home. This may not seem terribly damaging; however, over time, the excess spillage can seep into your foundation and cause buckling, cracking or shifting, which in turn may cost thousands of dollars to repair.

So, if you're looking to update your gutters, call us and ask about Valor Gutters. No matter how good a gutter system is, its functionality is highly dependent on the installation itself.  Some are trickier than others.  This system is designed to be simple for the homeowner, but the gutter installation requires skill. We cannot emphasize enough what a significant role gutters play in maintaining the integrity of CT roofs.  A CT Roof Installation is very expensive relative to the cost of replacing gutters

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    Sean Kelly
  • "Built Right was able to replace my entire roof due to the storm damage that had occurred. I am so happy that they knocked on my door because from day 1 until the job was complete, Built Right was professional, courteous, and efficient. I wouldn't let any one else do work on my home! Thank you! You saved me thousands!!!"

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