Home Repair CT Clientele List and Map

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Street Address City   Street Address City   Street Address City
20 Cherry Street Ansonia   23 Springdale Ave Danbury   35 Dobek Rd New Britain
48 Webb Terrace Ansonia   15 Pleasant Dr Danbury   174 Lasalle Dr New Britain
21 Hotckiss Terrace Ansonia   14 Mckee Street East Hartford   43 Emily Dr New Britain
59 Grove St Ansonia   36 Mckee Street East Hartford   57 Kennedy Dr New Britain
12 Charles Rd Ansonia   101 Whiting Rd East Hartford   587 Farmington Ave New Britain
94 Clarkson St Ansonia   60 Whiting Rd East Hartford   43 Emily Dr New Britain
22 Grove Street Ansonia   16 Gold St East Hartford   57 Kennedy Dr New Britain
63 Grove ST Ansonia   11 Mercer Ave East Hartford   174 Lasalle St New Britain
7 Webster Drive Ansonia   54 Hudson St East Hatford   35 Dobek St New Britain
42 Hodge Ave Ansonia   60 Whiting Rd East Hatford   61 Lyon St New Haven
47 Holbrook Street Ansonia   11 Mercer Ave East Hatford   269 View St New Haven
16 Holbrook St Ansonia   16 Pratt St East Hatford   257 View St New Haven
345 North Main St Ansonia   94 Paul St East Haven   103 Portland St New Haven
801 Wesford Rd Ashford   276 Russo Ave East Haven   250 West Ivy St New Haven
128 East Harold  Bloomfield   91 Lenox Street East Haven   57 Thorn Street New Haven
3 Fern Dr Bloomfield   28 Prospect Hill Dr East Windsor   250 West Ivy Street New Haven
21 Jackson St Bloomfield   329 Meadow Rd Farmington   18 Pardee Street New Haven
2 Richill Road Branford   57 Saint James St Hamden   118 Judson Avenue New Haven
633 Maple Ave Bridgeport   3 Allene Dr Hamden   48 Lexington Ave New Haven
88 Porter Street Bridgeport   15 Fowler St Hamden   498 Russell St New Haven 
1265 Reservoir Ave Bridgeport   38 Grandview Ave Hamden   16 Rivaldi Dr North Branford
70 Edgemore Rd Bridgeport   29 North Sheffield St Hamden   51 Cranberry Rd Norwalk
75 Village Lane Bridgeport   347 Fairview Ave Hamden   79 Bouton Street Norwalk
64 Indian Field dr Bridgeport   481 Newhall Street Hamden   5 Morgan Ave Norwalk
194 Dodwood Dr Bridgeport   46 Westview Street Hamden   2 Wainwright Plainville
216 Ortega Ave Bridgeport   36 Fairview Ave Hamden   92 Colony Rd Seymour
54 Elwood Pl Bridgeport   15 Almier St Hamden   15 North Star Dr Seymour
495 Gurdon Bridgeport   61 Hartford St Hartford   91 Hillside Ave Shelton
50 Anson St Bridgeport   75 Ashford St Hartford   11 Sunny Side Ave Shelton
254 Wells St Bridgeport   109 Hartland St Hartford   29 Kings Highway Shelton
115 East Ave Bridgeport   45 Cumberland St Hartford   547 Booth Hill Rd Shelton
35 Kingsbury Bridgeport   47 Cumberland Dr Hartford   11 King St Shelton
98 Hazelwood Ave Bridgeport   267 Branford St Hartford   84 Oak Ave Shelton
66 Richard St Bridgeport   160 Preston St Hartford   36 Victory St Shelton
450 Exeter St Bridgeport   366 West Preston St Hartford   23 Litchfield Dr Simsbury
155 Grove St Bridgeport   53 Amherst St Hartford   205 Abbe Rd South Windsor
841 Hancock Ave Bridgeport   186 Chandler St Hartford   237 Pierce Rd South Windsor
368 Birmingham St Bridgeport   13 Gilman St Hartford   259 Pierce Rd South Windsor
87 Fairview Ave Bridgeport   34 Westwood St Machester   83 North View Dr South Windsor
371 Birdseye Street Bridgeport   41 Duval St Manchester   24 Arlington Rd Stamford
75 Douglas Street Bridgeport   136 Campfield Dr Manchester   90 Crown Street  Stratford
60 Wordin Avenue Bridgeport   57 Summer Street Manchester   75 Claudio Dr Stratford
74 Trowel Street Bridgeport   62 Linden St Manchester   250 Wigwam Ln Stratford
158 Bridgeport Ave Bridgeport   24 Stark Weather Sr Manchester   727 King St Stratford
56 Washington Place Bridgeport   83 Parker St Manchester   580 Greenfield Ave Stratford
138 Westfield Avenue Bridgeport   40 Tower St Manchester   152 Euerle St Stratford
415 Griffin Avenue Bridgeport   95 Campfield St Manchester   446 Wilcoxson Ave Stratford
1631 Noble Ave Bridgeport   122 Walker St Manchester   48 Kings College Pl Stratford
1591/1595 E Main St Bridgeport   199 Knob Hill Rd Meriden   210 Rockwell Av Stratford
132 Alfred Street Bridgeport   149 Fairway Lane Meriden   60 Peace Street Stratford
101 Eagle Street Bridgeport   102 Willis Ave Meriden   75 Elm Terrace Stratford
354 Wilmot Avenue Bridgeport   42 Harness Dr Meriden   12 Howard St Stratford
262 Pixlee Place Bridgeport   103 Charles St Meriden   402 Franklin Ave Stratford
96 Hazelwood Ave Bridgeport   141 Fairway Dr Meriden   292 Boston Ave Stratford
254 Wells Street Bridgeport   320 Gravel St Meriden   137 Success Ave Stratford
14 Harlem Ave Bridgeport   143 Grand Street Middletown   453 Thomson St Stratford
1091 Sylvan Avenue Bridgeport   555 Ballfall Rd Middletown   291 Buritt Ave Stratford
356 Remington Street Bridgeport   5 Whippoorwill Dr Milford   35 Avon St Stratford
126 Roger Williams Rd Bridgeport   5 Whippoorwill Dr Milford   39 Reading Rd Trumbull
329 Valley Ave Bridgeport   555 Ballfall Rd Milford   15 Woodridge Circle Trumbull
138 Jones Ave Bridgeport   421 Plains Road Milford   10 Eric Circle Vernon
864 Maplewood Avenue Bridgeport   57 Rivercliff Dr Milford   166 South Cherry St Wallingford
688 Pembroke Street Bridgeport   57 Tudor Ln Naugatuck   105 Clifton St Wallingford
366 Ezra St Bridgeport   222 Osborn Rd Naugatuck   116 S Cherry St Wallingford
163 Laurel Place Bridgeport   59 Highland St Naugatuck   259 Transit St Waterbury
912 Howard Ave Bridgeport   159 Meadow Lark Rd Naugatuck   239 Atwood Ave Waterbury
144 Whitney Avenue Bridgeport   281 Rocky Hill Ave New Briatin   107 Hillview St Waterbury
674 Ogden Street Bridgeport   11 Dwight Ct New Briatin   244 Transit St Waterbury
159 Chamberlain Ave Bridgeport   75 West End Ave New Britain   64 Hill View Dr Waterbury
44 Victory Avenue Bridgeport   102 Golden Hill Street New Britain   157 Alder St Waterbury
1367 Reservoir Ave Bridgeport   44 Lyons St New Britain   22 Sumac Street Waterbury
264 Savory Street Bridgeport   56 Austin Street New Britain   104 White Birch Drive Waterbury
450 Exeter St Bridgeport   175 Sexton Street New Britain   257 Wolcott Street Waterbury
383 Huntington Rd Bridgeport   110 Roxbury Rd New Britain   64 Hillview Avenue Waterbury
66 Richardson St Bridgeport   95 Stanwood Dr New Britain   101 Middlesex St Waterbury
50 Anson St Bridgeport   48 Devin St New Britain   24 Transit St Waterbury
225 Little Deer Dr Bridgeport   54 Wynola Ave New Britain   70 Oak Hill Ave Waterbury
914 Birmingham St Bridgeport   548 South Main Street New Britain   29 Cornwall Dr Watertown
769 Howard Ave  Bridgeport   200 Linwood St New Britain   60 Acadia St West Hartford
2006 North Ave Bridgeport   23 Russwin Rd New Britain   184 Atwater Street West Haven
2008 Greenwood Ave Bridgeport   249 Basset Street New Britain   107 Hillcrest Ave West Haven 
17 Henderson St Bristol   460 Black Rock Ave New Britain   47 Bruce St Wethersfeild
279 Plymouth Rd Cheshire   60 Goodwin St New Britain   219 Ash St Willimantic
958 Farmington Ave  Cheshire   39 Emily Drive New Britain   99 Longview Dr Windsor
60 Rosemary Dr Cheshire   73 Stanwood Dr New Britain   49 Fanuel St Windsor
35 Loray Court Cheshire   19 Goodwin St New Britain   224 Carriage Way Windsor
577 Main St Cromwell   367 Osgood Ave New Britain   77 Lovell St Windsor
47 New Lane Cromwell   144 Tremont St New Britain   22 Lincoln Way Windsor
10 Prospect Hill Rd Cromwell   112 Russwin Rd New Britain   104 Highland Ave Windsor
10 New Ln Cromwell   587 Farmington Ave New Britain   375 Prospect Hill Rd Windsor
625 Main St Cromwell   150 Thornily St New Britain   376 Platt Hill Rd Winsted
581 Main St Cromwell   42 Foxon Pl New Britain   48 Deepwood Dr Wolcott
577 Main St Cromwell   373 Oak St New Britain      



Roof Assessment


  • "Thank you so much! I'm so happy and so thankful you knocked on my door."

    Anita Mullins (New Haven)
  • "It looks great! I was very much satisfied with the way you handled my insurance and I appreciated the forthrightness by your company. You did what you said and did it when you said you would do it!"

    Terrence Wilcox (Bridgeport)
  • "I love my new roof, I enjoy it, and thank you very much for what you've done. I was notified and contacted on time and everything went well with no problem."

    James Phillips (Hamden)
  • "Thank you for my new roof. It looks great!"

    Tony (East Haven)
  • "I had Built Right replace my roof and all of my gutters. I couldn't be happier as it came out beautifully!"

    Krystyna (New Britain)
  • "I got several estimates from other contractors and not one of them suggested to use my insurance because of the storm damage that affected my house... except for Built Right Home Solutions. A nice gentleman knocked on my door, explained the process, and I said "Hey why not?". It was the best decision I've made for my home yet and I have been a home owner for over 20 years! They saved me thousands on my roof and it came with a 50 year warranty!"

    Sean Kelly
  • "Built Right was able to replace my entire roof due to the storm damage that had occurred. I am so happy that they knocked on my door because from day 1 until the job was complete, Built Right was professional, courteous, and efficient. I wouldn't let any one else do work on my home! Thank you! You saved me thousands!!!"

    Kendra G.