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How Can I Prevent Ice Dams On My CT Home?

Friday, October 23rd, 2015 by Built Right


Ice dams are formed when cold air enters the soffit under your roof and cools down the eves of your CT Home. The eves are the outermost part of your roof and are typically the coldest and least insulated part of your CT roof. When the snow on your roof melts it freezes on you the eves forming a dam of ice. These ice dams can do serious damage to your roof and home, but there are steps you can take to prevention.

Insulate and Seal

One of the best ways that you can prevent Ice Dams is to prevent hot air from entering your attic. By insulating and sealing your attic you can keep hot air, which melts snow that freezes on contact with your eves, out of your attic. Although water freezes when it comes in contact with something that’s cold keeping your whole roof cooler will help prevent ice dams from forming.

Heated Wires

Many companies now make heated wires that you can put on your CT roof to help prevent the formation of ice dams. Although these wires may not be necessary they melt the snow and ice on your roof that gives the snowmelt a channel to flow into your gutters. These heated wires are an inexpensive way to prevent ice dams and can save you a significant amount of money on damages.

Snow Rake

Even though its cold snow acts as a great insulator, think about igloos, so leaving it on the eves of your roof will aid the forming of ice dams. Using a snow rake is a safe and simple way to remove snow off of your roof and expose your shingles to the sun. Once the roof shingles are exposed they create areas of melting ice and snow that help rid your roof of ice dams.

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