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How To Protect Your Commercial Building From Storm Damage

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015


Storms don't wait for normal business hours. When a storm damages your commercial property, you are going to want repairs and restoration services quickly. Keep yourself informed on what the potential damage a storm can do as well as plan ahead for upcoming storms to limit the damage it can do to your building. Insurance restoration contractors are great to contact if your building is damaged because they can can get your building fixed quickly and save you money. Here are some tips to protect your commercial building from storm damage. 

Storm Damage

Wind Damage- High velocity winds can damage your business property, including your vehicles, in a matter of minutes. After all, it's impossible to predict the timing, strength and potential damage of any storm. The debris from strong winds can lead to broken windows, damaged doors or roofs, and a host of other structural problems. 

Ice and Snow Damage- If ice dams stay attached to your home for too long, they can create some serious damage. They can cause damage to roofs and water leaks inside your home. This may not happen right away but eventually you'll start to see paint peeling and the building feeling damp and uncomfortable. Ice dams also prevent snow from sliding off roofs, allowing it to pile up more which can cause your roof to melt in. 

Fire Damage- Fire damage can be devastating destroying sections or all of the building. The first task in the process is to clean up as much as the existing damaged area as possible; if the area is not cleaned right away, soot residue could lead to permanent damage.

Plan Ahead 

Emergency Plan- Have an emergency preparedness plan that covers a variety of scenarios for your company. Make sure to periodically go over this plan with the team so everyone stays informed. Include safety training and prominently placed signs instructing employees on emergency procedures.

Roof Inspection- Regular roof inspection and maintenance can help immensely prevent severe damage from a storm. Roofs can get damages due from rain and heavy winds weakening the foundation and making the building vulnerable. Snow can also be problematic, especially for a weak roof, because snow can pile up if not taken care of and cave the roof in completely. Snow can also create ice dams that connect to the building which can cause links to the building. The best way to prevent ice dams, according to FEMA, is with adequate attic insulation and roof ventilation.

Grounds And Building Inspection- Make inspections a part of a scheduled routine, checking windows, doors, external vents and pipes, siding, and outbuildings. Time and weather take a toll on the exterior of your buildings, and minor issues like a loose piece of siding or weak beam can quickly turn into an emergency in severe weather.

Keep Up With Landscaping- In a severe weather storm where winds are strong, loose tree branches can easily be picked up and thrown right into the side of the building or window inviting the rest of the storm inside. Fallen trees and branches are responsible for serious damage to buildings and vehicles, and there is also the risk of trees bringing down power lines. Seasonal maintenance of trees can go a long way toward preventing this type of damage. 

Built Right | CT Storm Damage Repair 

Built Right Home Solutions LLC, offers Free Storm Damage Assessments that will clearly explain your options on how to restore the damages and where to find financial assistance to pay for the restoration. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews.

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