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How Can I Prepare My CT Roof For The Winter?

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


While the weather is still warm and your roof is still safe to go on it is a great time to get your CT roof ready for the winter. Although fall hasn’t started yet and you don’t want to start thinking about the winter you have to consider your roofs condition. Many homes in Connecticut have experienced issues with ice damns in the past and did nothing about them. This ice could have lifted, split, or pulled shingles out of place. This damage can translate into a much more serious issue this year if precautions are not taken. So by performing these simple inspections, repairs, and preparations you can leave your roof in much better condition.


Before temperatures begin to drop significantly you should do a thorough inspection of your roof. This inspection should include searching for any holes or splits in your shingles that were caused by ice damns. Also while you are near the edge of your roof you should check the condition of your gutters as well. Next you should check the condition of the flashing around chimneys and skylights. If your flashing is loose it is open to rain ice and snow to fall directly into your house.

Repair or Replace

If your roof has experienced damage then it is wise to have your roof repaired or even replaced. A roof repair will help prevent obvious problems from turning into huge issues, but may not solve all the problems with your roof. If your roof is older then it is important that it gets replaced so your home is protected under the weight of a heavy snowfall. Replacing your roof also makes sure that there are no imperfections that the roof repair may have missed.

Heated Wires and Roof Rake

One of the best ways to prevent ice dams from forming is to keep snow off the edge of your roof. The reason ice dams form is melting snow meets the cold temperatures of your CT roofs eves and freezes. The higher these dams for the more water and ice they trap which leaks into your home and causes a lot of damage. So after a snowstorm go around your home and try to remove as much snow from the edge of your roof as possible. Also a way to prevent ice dams from forming is to install heated wires along the edge of your roof. These wires will open a channel through the ice that gives the melting snow and rain a place to drain. Also these wires will open an area around them that will help the snow melt much quicker.

Your roof is a very important part of your home, without a solid roof the home below it would not last long. By repairing or replacing your roof you can make sure that it will not leak even under the toughest conditions. If your roof needs service contact Builtright Home Solutions to have an inspector check your roof and see if it needs fixing.

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