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What Causes A CT Roof To Fail?

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by Built Right


Your CT Roof is your home's strongest defense against the weather. Since your roof is designed to protect your home to its utmost ability it experiences a lot of abuse. With this substantial amount of abuse your roof starts to separate at the seams shingles lift, and flashing becomes loose. But what are the main causes that make your CT Roof fail?


Step flashing is the part of your roof that protects the edges of your chimneys, exhaust pipes, and dormers from the runoff on your roof. Your CT home's step flashing is tough but can be pulled and shaken loose by heavy winds or separated by ice forming within them. Flashing has many seams that can easily take on water, when that water freezes it expands and pushes the flashing further from the area it is meant to protect. As this flashing bends it directs falling rain into your home rather then away from it causing leaks and damage.

Shingle Damage

Your shingles are the main protectant of your roof, when they are damaged there is a weakness in your roof and will likely translate into leaks and damage. Shingles can lift, split, and break which leaves your roof vulnerable to wind and water getting in. If you are completely missing a shingle then it needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, not only will this allow water into that spot but will also let water to travel under the shingles that are lower in the roof.

Ice Dams

An Ice dam forms when runoff from your roof collects and freezes on the freezing cold eves above your gutters. When these areas freeze they hold water, which adds weight, and stress onto your roof. Also when ice forms it expands which frequently lifts shingles and separates flashing and creates gaps for water to flow into. These Ice Dams are hard to prevent and get rid of, but taking as many steps as you can to prevent them will help.

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