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4 Exterior CT Home Maintenance Projects To Keep Up With

Monday, November 9th, 2015 by Built Right

Keeping up with exterior maintenance will help your home stay strong and durable for you and  your family. These projects will help to ensure your home's safety and save money from severe damages. The article below describes some home maintenance projects to keep up with. 

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Clean Your Home's Siding 

Give the exterior of your house a thorough cleaning to eliminate loose paint and dirt. Chips and scuffs on the siding of your home can expose the foundation making your home vulnerable to weather damages. Cleaning your siding is a rewarding task that helps your home shine and protect it from wear and tear. However,  it can also be time consuming and a little difficult to keep up with. You can hire vinyl siding contractors to professionally clean your vinyl siding to make sure the project is done effectively and correctly.  

Roof Maintenance 

Roofs have to withhold all sorts of weather conditions so it's important to maintain the strength and durability to avoid the weather conditions getting inside. Look out for missing shingles that can lead to leaks or dark patches on the roof that can be due to mold build up. Mold is a serious health hazard and can be expensive to fix. These issues should be taken care of right away and it's important the job is done properly. Also, when the snow starts to fall, make sure to minimize the amount of snow to avoid the weight potentially caving in the roof.  

Clean Out The Gutters 

Your CT home's gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year to avoid potential damages from debris build-up and ice dams. With a large quantity of debris clogging your gutters, you are creating a home for extensive amounts of bugs and critters. Also, when the weather starts to get colder, water can get stuck in the gutter and form ice dams which can lead to leaks inside your home. Practice safe techniques when using your ladder and make sure you have plan to effectively clean out the gutters.

Trim The Trees 

Keeping up with your front yard maintenance is important as well. Trimming the trees may not seem like a big issue and you feel you can push it off for a later date and do it another time. However, when a storm hits with fast and strong winds, loose branches can be torn off and thrown into your home ripping through your window or smashing into the siding. You can easily avoid those damages with a little home care. 

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