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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a scam?

Not in the slightest. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured by the state of Connecticut. This business model is very common in the Midwest due to tornado damage.

2. Will my rates go up?

An insurance company can decide to raise your rates at any time for any reason. Filing this claim will not cause that. If anything getting a new roof will lower your rates because your house is in better condition.

3. Are you fully licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes we are. We are actually licensed and notarized by the state of CT.

4. What happens if I'm denied?

Nothing, you have absolutely nothing to lose and are in the same position you are in right now. You now have the option to pay for the roof out of pocket if you want to.

5. How long until I receive an answer?

It can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks at the most, but if you have your policy number it will speed up the process.

6. What type of Shingle and materials do you use?

We use a company called TAMKO for our shingles, warranties, and building materials.

7. Do you do other types of work?

Yes we do. We also do disaster restoration, and storm damage clean up work.

8. How Do I Know If I have Storm Damage?

If you are missing shingles or have leaks then chances are you have storm damage. If one of our agents stopped by your house then they noticed that you were a victim of storm damage. At the very least, you should have an assessment done to your home which we offer for FREE!

9. What will this cost me? Are there any hidden fees? When do I pay?

There are no hidden fees, and the only cost to you ever is the deductible on your home. This can be paid upon completion of the roof installation. And we will finance this for you as well for 12 months interest free.

10. Why was my house chosen?

Because you are a victim of storm damage and you are entitled to having your roof replaced through your homeowner's insurance. You may be missing shingles, have many lifting shingles, or have leaks in your roof which are all qualifications to be a victim of wind damage.

11. How long do I have to make my decision whether I want to do this?

The sooner the better. You never want outstanding damage to your home to be left unattended to.

12. Does your gutter guard have any warranty?

Yes. They have a 20 year no clog promise that we stand behind.

13. Can I refer my friend?

Yes, and we will give you a $100 referral credit for everyone person you refer to us as long as they go with us.

14. Is every home owner eligible for this program?

No. This program is for a select few homes that unfortunately were damaged due to the previous storms. Fortunately for you, this program will help you significantly while saving you 1000's of dollars.

15. If there are additional damages found while doing the roof (like needing to replace the plywood underneath), does the insurance company cover that?

Yes we actually bill the insurance company for any additional damages found while installing the roof and they cover all of it.

16. How long has the company been in business?

The company has been in business for 7 years and is accredited by Angie's list.

17. What is the worst case scenario?

The worst case scenario is that you are not approved, not a cent poorer, and you are right where you are now. If that happens you can still buy a roof from us out of pocket and we offer financing.

18. What is the best case scenario?

The best case scenario is that you are fully approved and get a full roof replacement for the price of your deductible. Which I'm assuming you would agree is better than paying the entire roof cost out of pocket which could be north of $15,000-$20,000.

19. If I'm not approved... Can I still buy a roof?

Yes, you can buy a roof from us if you are not approved and we sell our roofs at wholesale prices.

20. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer free financing on all deductible costs no matter how great or small. There are no credit checks either.

21. If I was denied originally when I put my claim in... am I still eligible for the program?

Yes you are. We would just need the original date of loss, cause of loss on that claim (wind damage, ice damage, etc) and the claim number from this previous claim.

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