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Wind Damage

Wind Damage Repair Services in Waterbury, Hartford, and Cranston

Built Right Home Solutions provides emergency service 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

Heavy impact. Large branches and complete trees can be blown onto houses by severe winds. The best response typically involves quick action to remove fallen debris, followed by structural repairs and reroofing.

High winds can occur because of localized weather or during hurricanes, tornadoes and other major storm “events.” Regardless of the origin, wind damage often causes problems that need immediate attention.

Built Right Home Solutions is ready to help home and business owners who need wind damage repairs. Our quick-response teams have the tools and training to solve problems that occur because of wind damage.  

When trees and branches take down power lines, we have to wait for electric utility crews to remove fallen debris and restore power.

But you don’t have to wait for emergency repairs to your house following wind damage.

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Before and After
  • Greenwich CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Porchuck Rd)
    Greenwich CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Porchuck Rd)

    This customer was a referral from another Greenwich client that we had on the same road. This customer had a few her cedar shake shingles blow off in a wind storm and Built Right was able to get her a full roof replacement through her insurance!

  • Danbury, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Springdale Ave)
    Danbury, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Springdale Ave)

    This home owner's roof was heavily damaged by strong winds and was missing several shingles. What did Built Right do for them? The team got their insurance company to pay for the damages. Now they have a brand new roof!

  • Bridgeport, CT - Roof Replacement (Grandview Ave)
    Bridgeport, CT - Roof Replacement (Grandview Ave)

    This home owner in Bridgeport had a few shingles missing from their very old roof. The team not only installed the new roof they really needed but also got their insurance company to pay for it because the missing shingles were blown off by strong winds. This type of damage is covered by home owner’s insurance! Look at our work!

  • Bridgeport, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Glen Place)
    Bridgeport, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Glen Place)

    Here is a before and after photo of a roof we did in Bridgeport, CT

  • Bridgeport, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Livingston Pl)
    Bridgeport, CT - Wind Damaged Roof (Livingston Pl)

    This house in Bridgeport had several shingles blown off the roof during a storm. The team helped the homeowner get their insurance to pay for a new roof which Built Right would install. They loved the work we did and loved that they saved a ton of money!

  • Stratford, CT - Wind Damaged Roof Repair (Connors Lane)
    Stratford, CT - Wind Damaged Roof Repair (Connors Lane)

    Here is a before and after of a wind damaged roof in Stratford, CT

Our emergency wind damage repairs can keep your home secure & dry

Customers count on us for these emergency disaster repairs:

Stay safe. Homeowners can handle some cutting and removal tasks when a tree is blown over.

Work that involves climbing, heavy lifting, and awkward positions should be done by trained professionals.

  • Replacing damaged and/or missing roof shingles. If high winds have torn loose roof shingles, we can patch in new shingles to restore the appearance and functionality of your roofing material. It’s advisable to keep extra roof shingles on hand in case such repair work is needed.
  • Tarp protection. With an ample supply of tarps, we are ready to cover a damaged roof with a “right-sized” tarp to provide temporary protection from the weather.
  • Board up repairs. Wind damage that has broken skylights and windows or broken through roofs or sidewalls often calls for board up repair work. We often combine board up repairs with temporary tarp protection.  
  • Repairing damaged roofs. Instead of calling in a different contractor to repair roof damage, check with Built Right Home Solutions first. Our technicians can make a wide range of roof repairs quickly and affordably, from patching holes to installing new roof shingles.

Built Right Home Solutions provides emergency storm damage repair and disaster restoration 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our fast response helps you to minimize damage. Call 1-844-386-0684 or contact us online to schedule an estimate for wind damage repair and hail damage repair in Meriden, Southington, Waterbury, Cranston, Warwick, New Haven, West Hartford, New Britain, Pawtucket, Hamden, and throughout the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts area. 


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